July 17 Update: One New Confirmed Imported Case Reported in Jiangsu

Between 00:00 and 24:00, July 16, one new imported COVID-19 case (a Filipino who is now under isolated treatment at a designated hospital in Lianyungang) was reported in Jiangsu. As of 24:00, July 16, 24 confirmed imported cases have been reported in Jiangsu cumulatively, one of which was receiving isolated treatment at a designated hospital.

No new confirmed local case was reported on July 16. 631 confirmed local cases have been reported in Jiangsu cumulatively and all have been discharged from hospital as of 24:00, July 16.

No new asymptomatic carrier was reported on July 16. All asymptomatic carriers have been released from medical quarantine and supervision.

Experts note that:

Everyone bears the primary responsibility for their own health. We are still faced with a complex situation in fighting against the pandemic, so it is necessary to take prevention and control as part of everyday life with high vigilance and tight precautions as follows:

1. Pay attention to personal hygiene by wearing a mask, washing hands and ventilating rooms regularly, and keeping social distancing. No spitting or littering. Use a tissue or the elbow to cover the mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing.

2. Keep healthy eating habits by separating cutting boards, knives and tableware while preparing and cooking food and washing them soon after use. Thoroughly cook meat, eggs, and seafood before eating. Use serving chopsticks and spoons on the table and keep a healthy and balanced diet.

3. Properly manage your travel and reduce unnecessary gatherings. Avoid trips to regions with medium or high risks of the pandemic, unless mandatory.

4. Heighten alertness when going to crowded places such as farm produce markets and wholesale markets by improving personal protection, keeping the mask on, avoiding large crowds, shortening the length of stay, avoiding touching raw food such as raw meat or fish, and washing hands soon after returning home.

5. Seek medical treatment at a nearby clinic as soon as possible when symptoms such as fever, dry cough, and fatigue occur and inform medical practitioners of your whereabouts over the previous 14 days. Make sure to wear a mask and avoid using public transport when seeking treatment.

6. Apply for and use the Jiangsu Health Code to declare health conditions. For those from regions with medium or high risks of the pandemic, inform your community or employer of your conditions and cooperate to administer medical quarantine and COVID-19 nucleic acid tests. If you or your family members have been to these regions or have contacted visitors from these regions over the previous 14 days, inform your community or employer of these facts.