China’s biggest underground pipeline project for high-voltage power line operational in Nanjing

China’s biggest underground pipeline project for high-voltage electricity transmission became operational in Nanjing City on July 14 when two 110 kV lines were put into use without a hitch, thus providing a strong power guarantee for the Yangtze River Delta to pursue an integrated development.

The core zone of Jiangbei New Area has seen rapid growth in recent years in fields of integrated circuits, life sciences, and other emerging industries, which has generated a surging demand for electricity, especially during the summer peak period. To ensure the stable electricity supply, the Nanjing branch of the State Grid built and renovated a total of six transmission lines using the integrated pipeline corridor, rather than through overhead power lines.

With a total length of 120 kilometers, the transmission lines can help meet the electricity demand in Jiangbei New Area and fuel its rapid growth.