It’s Safety above all: CPEC award winning engineer

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An award ceremony for the outstanding Pakistani staff of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor was hosted by the end of 2022. The spotlight of the occasion shone upon the unsung yet indispensable personnel who have served as the foundation of this multi-billion-dollar endeavor.

Azim ul Haq, an HSE Engineer working at the 1263MW Punjab Power Plant in Jhang, was among those honored. He is part of a team that ensures the project personnel’s safety and health standards are met.

“The primary goal of HSE professionals is to ensure that there are no injuries or accidents, and that workers arrive safely and return to their families,” Azim told Gwadar Pro.

“Working as an HSE professional often places you in difficult situations. At work, I faced numerous small challenges, such as workers’ irrational behavior during peak working hours, which jeopardized not only their own safety but also the safety of their co-workers.” Azim said.

The 1263MW Punjab Thermal Power (Pvt.) Ltd. (PTPL) power plant in Jhang district is one of the largest government-owned power plants constructed by the China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC), a Chinese state-owned company which also has CPEC projects in Pakistan. It is expected to enter commercial operation in combined cycle operation in the first quarter of this year and will be ready to deliver energy to the national grid at full capacity to help overcome the electricity shortage.

During the construction of the project, one of the most challenging and unforgettable moments for Azim came in the early hours of May 12th, 2021, when a fire broke out at the west boundary wall of the project. Although the incident happened in the dead of night, Azim was quick enough to respond. Once he saw the fire, he was alert and rushed to the location to assess the situation, and managed to quickly bring the blaze under control with the help of his manager and the firefighting team.

“We saved our project from a catastrophe incident.” Azim told the reporter with a seemingly relaxed demeanor.

When the reporter approached Azim, he was on leave, for his family has been blessed with a baby.”Earnings from this job provide comfortable living for my families. Although living away from family and my newborn daughter is difficult, given that the power project’s location is far from my home town, the company provides me with all kinds of benefits and allows me to take vacations as needed.”

“I believe CPEC is a world-changing corridor that will facilitate commutes for neighboring countries, particularly China and Pakistan. It is a journey toward economic regionalization in a globalized world, and an effort to improve infrastructure within Pakistan.” Azim said, “For myself, the experience and skills I acquired while working on this project have helped me excel in my career. The expertise I gained on this project will surely help me in my future growth and facilitate exploring new opportunities.”