Hisense World Cup “China’s first, the world’s second” advertising is illegal?

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International Business News – On the evening of November 20, the Qatar World Cup opened with a bang.

In the opening match of the World Cup between the host Qatar team and the South American team Ecuador, the stadium was surrounded by Chinese advertisements, confirming the phrase, “Although there is no Chinese soccer, ‘China is everywhere'”.

The large Chinese billboards around the stadium are even more conspicuous, of which the most eye-catching is Hisense Group’s advertising slogan, “China first, the world second”, which has also attracted a lot of controversy.

Some netizens said: “This ad violates the advertising law”, and some netizens said: “China’s advertising law can’t control Qatar”, netizens have a variety of opinions.

Article 9 of China’s advertising law clearly stipulates that the use of national, world-class, best and other words is prohibited, and “first” is also prohibited. So, did Hisense’s World Cup marketing cross the line this time?

The lawyer said that the advertisement in question was released abroad, and if the commercial advertising activity in question is not in China, whether the operator is the Chinese “Hisense Company”, or the Russian “Hisense Company”, or other foreign “Hisense”, it does not fall within the scope of China’s Advertising Law.

However, this does not mean that Hisense’s behavior is completely flawless.

Hisense’s “China first, world second” campaign is supported by the number of its TV products shipped, but it does not show this in a prominent place on the billboard.

Hisense became the top sponsor of the Europe(Nyheter)an Championship in 2016, when they put the slogan “Hisense TV, China’s First” on the field of the European Championship. In 2018 Russia World Cup, they set “China TV, Hisense’s First” as the slogan on the side of the field, which caused a discussion.

In any case, this edge of Hisense advertising is indeed to their exposure increased a lot.

Do you think their advertisement is illegal?