Pakistan’s tech savvy youth called on building global digital infrastructure: World Internet Conference 2022

“Pakistan is focusing on innovation, technology, and digitalization. We have one of the youngest populations in the world, which is talented and tech savvy and is ready to contribute to the global effort.” Moin ul Haque, Pakistani Ambassador to China, stated the above at the “Belt and Road” Internet International Cooperation Forum, one of the sub forums of the World Internet Conference (WIC) 2022 concluded today in Wuzhen, China.

With the theme “Towards a Shared Digital Future in a Connected World – Building a Community with a Shared Future in Cyberspace,” this year’s WIC Wuzhen summit brought together more than 2,000 representatives from over 120 countries and regions, showcased more than 200 projects which aimed at building a community in cyberspace and using digital technologies to promote social fairness.

Pointing out that building a digitally inclusive community is a collective global responsibility, the ambassador emphasized that Pakistan would not be far behind, and would be a willing partner in a shared concept to build a resilient, sustainable, and inclusive digital future for all.

“While constructing a global digital infrastructure, we should enable the developing countries to be an equal partner to increased investments and technical support.”, the envoy said.

‘Cooperation and development’ is one of the key focuses of WIC 2022. Amid climate change, COVID-19 epidemic and economic tremors, ‘global efforts’ is a lesson that should be drawn from the responses to past global crises. The ambassador called on renouncing the old mindset of zero-sum games, or the winner takes it all mentality, stating that “We could not put cyberspace beyond the concept of mutual support, mutual trust, mutual benefit.”

Ran Chengqi, Director General, China Satellite Navigation Office and Spokesperson of BeiDou Navigation Satellite System said that “We seek to actively cooperate with other countries in navigation satellite systems to achieve compatibility and win-win results, jointly improve the performance of systems and share that with the whole world, especially the developing and the Belt and Road countries.”

Participants from the corporate sector believe that the trend of Chinese enterprises and brands going global is unchanged. Judging from the Prime Minister’s concluded visit to China, IT cooperation between the 2 nations would be sustained and deep.