An exemplary modern concept of agriculture in China

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China International Import Expo (CIIE) opened the way for the world to learn about China’s active role in modernizing agriculture and the Jinshan District in Shanghai is a perfect example of agricultural modernity in China.

An online seminar titled ” Visiting the Smart Plant Factory in Jinshan: an experience of South-North Transformation” was held today, where experts highlighted the latest technologies used in agriculture in China.

Online seminar “Visiting the Smart Plant Factory in Jinshan: an experience of South-North Transformation”

Jinshan District is not only an industrial powerhouse in Shanghai but also a robust agricultural district and it was elected as one of the top 100 model districts in China.

“We used very advanced technologies such as harvesting devices AGV and AI which help us collect environmental and plant data while monitoring the statistics of germination, seeding, growing, and harvesting”, experts added.

It is to be noted that the BOE smart planting factory in Jinshan District covers an area of 1.8 hectares. It has seven seedling rooms, 27 groups of artificial light seedlings, and 306 fixed-point planting beds with a maximum seedling capacity of 500,000.

Experts briefed that the display of data operation and automatic analysis of vegetable growth through the AI system is very famous here while the adjustment of temperature and humidity through one button control on cell phones is easy and convenient; whereas the accurate proportion of water and fertilizer based on big data and AGV patrol inspection vehicles shooting plant growth period for record help to get fresh vegetables.

Answering the question of whether the cost intensity of the smart plant or transformation process is one of the biggest issues and how this technology can be promoted in developing countries, experts believe that all models and technologies used are made by China, therefore the cost of the product is very reasonable while the productivity is much higher than the traditional method.

“Our steps are to strengthen the quality; achieve green development, make more innovations and we aim to make further integrated development through smart solutions” experts stated.

It is worth mentioning that Jinshan is almost an unmanned factory since everything can be controlled through a computer screen outside the glass shed, and it is equipped with automated harvesting devices, an AGV patrol inspection system, and advanced AIoT (AI (artificial intelligence) + IoT (Internet of Things)) management system. The planting technology has had more than 20 patents, making it a canonical example of Shanghai as a spearhead in “AI+” smart agriculture.