Chinese, Pak universities to build research centre on food security and plant biotech

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A Chinese research university and a Pakistani university are to jointly build a research centre on food security and plant biotechnology, as per Dr Wang Depeng, professor at the College of Life Science of Linyi University, in an exclusive interview with China Economic Net (CEN).

The research centre is part of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to be signed between Linyi University and Pakistan’s Abdul Wali Khan University, Dr Wang told CEN.

Under the MoU, the research centre and laboratories, which will be established at Linyi University, will focus on the disciplines of biotechnology, agronomy and food sciences.

Both sides will also recruit researchers from respective universities to work in the research centre and supervise student researchers, says the agreement.

Two joint research groups will be formed, states the MoU, to conduct research of mutual interests and a joint training programme of M.Phil and PhD students will also be offered.

In recent years, a growing number of Chinese and Pakistani researchers have jointly conducted research projects to mitigate the effects of worsening climate change.

Last year, Dr Wang together with Pakistani and Turkish scientists published four English monographs on climate-smart agriculture and climate-resilient crops as the world is struggling to maintain and increase agriculture production.

“Recently, I have introduced two Pakistani professors to Chinese universities,” Dr Wang said, adding that more such cooperation is also in the pipeline.