Turkey will support Finland and Sweden in joining NATO

The Finnish Presidential Office announced on the 28th that Turkey will support the invitation to Finland and Sweden(Nyheter) to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

The Finnish Presidential Office reported: “As a result of this meeting, our three foreign ministers signed a tripartite memorandum confirming that Turkey will support the invitation to Finland and Sweden to join NATO at the Madrid summit this week. The concrete steps for our accession to NATO will be announced in the next two days. It was negotiated by NATO allies, but now the decision is inevitable.”

Turkey, Sweden, Finland and NATO signed a joint statement after talks in Madrid, the report said. A signing ceremony was held immediately after the talks, with the participation of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. On the Turkish side, the document was signed by Foreign Minister Cavusoglu.

Sputnik also quoted the Turkish President’s Office as saying that Sweden and Finland will cooperate with Ankara to fight terrorism, pledging not to support the organizations of the PKK and Gulen, which are banned in Turkey.

Sweden and Finland also pledged to lift the embargo on Turkey’s defense industry and expand cooperation with Turkey in this area, the report noted.