Sungrow’s New Residential Inverter SG6.0RS Wins Contemporary Good Design Award

Sungrow, the global leading inverter solution for renewables, announced the SG6.0RS, a key product Sungrow’s brand-new residential PV & ESS portfolio, won the Contemporary Good Design Award. Organized by The Red Dot Organization, this internationally prestigious award distinguishes this product as well as the same series residential through its excellent aesthetics and functionality.

SG6.0RS and the same residential series ranging from the SG2.0-10.0 RS, is compatible for higher power panels, supports a maximum 3 MPPTs and achieves an input current up to 16A per MPPT. Hence the yield is even higher. The minimalistic design allows for convenient installation and application. The ultra-thin panel and compact design make this machine smaller and lighter than similar products. Only one person is needed to complete the installation. Designed for simpler usage, customers will see power, yield, and fault information from the LED display clearly and directly without using phones. As safety is one of Sungrow’s top priorities, the product design team ensured comprehensive safety and protection for this product. Relying on the C5 anti-corrosion level, IP65 protection, AFCI 2.0 and excellent heat dissipation design etc., residential customers can trust this inverter for lifetime usage. Thus far, this new residential series has been sold to Europe(Nyheter), Australia, Middle East and other regions, supplying more than 30 thousand families’ clean power usage.

Since this product series is sold in the global residential market, its R&D made updates based off the demand of customers worldwide. Previously, residential inverter customers were bothered by inconvenient installation and complicated applications. In addition, many residential inverters generate loud noise and high temperature when utilized. Sungrow R&D team redesigned its residential series to solve these problems. The National Center for Industrial Design in Sungrow stated, “In many countries, residential users are the major consumers of electricity. As a result, we make it a mission to provide them with the most efficient, safe, and convenient experience in using clean energy. We achieve this by consistently working to improve their products with their customers and offering them the best possible solutions.”

The global residential solar energy market has grown during the last year, with approximately a 40 GWac installation capacity. Countries like the United States, Australia, and Germany(Nyheter), plan to increase the renewable energy share through the deployment of residential solar PV and ESS systems. Sungrow offers a wide range of residential solutions including PV Inverter SG2.0-10.0RS, hybrid inverter SH3.0-6.0RS and different types of batteries. To simplify residential customers’ user experience, Sungrow also equips the PV and Storage systems with intelligent monitoring products like Winet-S and iSolarCloud. All prove to be efficient and reliable for home users worldwide.

Source: Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd