AnchorDx Appoints Dr. Marina Bibikova as Chief Scientific Officer

AnchorDx, a world-leading developer of cancer screening and early detection solutions, is delighted to announce that Dr. Marina Bibikova has come on board as Chief Scientific Officer (CSO). She will be responsible for cancer early detection technology development, global IVD registrations, strategic partnerships with leading overseas companies, international patent strategy, and the acceleration of global commercialization.

Dr. Bibikova is an international leader with over 25 years of experience in genomics industry. She has published over 70 academic papers, holds 6 international patents, and has developed a series of breakthrough genetic testing technologies and products. Prior to joining AnchorDx, Dr. Bibikova worked at Illumina for over 20 years where she served as Principal Scientist, responsible for the development of both Research and IVD products, covering genotyping, gene expression profiling and DNA methylation analysis.

It is noteworthy that Dr. Bibikova led Illumina MiSeqDx sequencer 510(K) submission, which was the first in vitro diagnostic next-generation sequencing (NGS) instrument that was cleared by the U.S. FDA, and has subsequently obtained EU(Nyheter) CE-IVD certification and China NMPA certification. It established foundation for successful registration of other sequencing platforms such as the NextSeq 550Dx.

“I am honored to join AnchorDx and work with the team of the talented scientists on development of novel cancer diagnostic tests.” said Dr. Marina Bibikova.

Dr. Jian-Bing Fan, CEO and Founder of AnchorDx, said, “I worked with Marina at Illumina for 15 years, during which time we co-authored more than 40 academic papers. She has developed multiple cutting-edge technologies and products, such as the Illumina Infinium Human Methylation 450 BeadChip (450 k) array — one of the most cost-effective ways to analyze DNA methylation in the human genome, which targets 96% of CpG islands and covers more than 450,000 CpG sites. Marina’s scientific spirit and excellent leadership skills in technology and product development align excellently with AnchorDx’s values. We believe that with Marina’s appointment, the overseas registration of our products will accelerate as well as global business development to help AnchorDx achieve more technological breakthroughs in the early tumor detection industry.”

The Board of AnchorDx highly recognizes Dr. Bibikova’s capabilities, and highlighted the fact that the internationalization of technology, products and marketing are the next major goals for the Company, which are also competitive advantages of the Company. Dr. Bibikova’s solid platform, IVD product development and registration experience will bring great value to the realization of AnchorDx’s global positioning and strategic implementation.

Source: AnchorDx