Jiangsu stresses all-out efforts in flood control

Ren Zhenhe, deputy secretary of the CPC Jiangsu Committee, visited Yangzhou and Zhenjiang cities to inspect and guide the flood response on July 19, calling for top priority given to protect people’s life and property.

Ren said all efforts must be made to ensure people’s safety during the rising flood in the Yangtze River which posed daunting challenges amid the increased water from upper reaches, local rainfalls, and the tide.

Ren inspected flood response work, such as reinforcing the dyke at the Shierwei Shipyard in Yizheng, a county-level city under the administration of Yangzhou, evacuation preparation at Shiye Island in Dantu District of Zhenjiang, and water leak management in Shiye Town.

As water at Siyuangou Gate in Yizheng reached close to the highest historical level on July 17, local authorities have organized enterprise employees and residents to evacuate, relocating 13,000 people to safe places.

Photo taken on Jun. 19 shows Guazhou Ancient Ferry Park in Zhenjiang city parted flooded in water. [Photo/CFP]

Ren stressed that it is necessary to strengthen the organization and leadership and clarify the responsibility in the flood response. Efforts are needed to improve flood control training, increase patrolling and monitoring 24 hours a day, and remove obstacles in a timely manner. It’s also necessary to adjust the plan according to the changes of rain, water, flood, and work conditions in a timely manner. To effectively respond to the flood, it’s necessary to get people, materials and financial support fully ready. Efforts will also be made to evacuate people and help them properly settle down.