Jiangsu exhibiton shows Chinese paintings by 10 outstanding young artists

The 2020 Jiangsu Top 10 Outstanding Young Artists Exhibition, hosted by the Jiangsu Federation of Literary and Art Circles (JFLAC) and organized by the Jiangsu Artists Association and Jiangsu Modern Art Museum, opened at the museum in Nanjing City on July 16.

This event, which will run until Augsut 16, was held following two art undertakings by JFLAC amid efforts to create a new platform and a well-known brand for the development of young artists. It showed nearly 100 Chinese paintings by the ten artists.

The ten artists are Xu Gang, Kang Kai, Zhan Yong, Chen Sanshi, Zhao Fangfang, Zeng Chunping, Wang Guyu, Liu Yujun, Zhang Pingjing and Zhai Ming. Their paintings cover a wide range of topics such as landscapes, flowers, birds and figures.

The organizers plan to host new exhibitions of oil paintings, printmaking, sculptures and and watercolor paintings in years to come.