Jiangsu issues first red alert for flood

The Jiangsu Department of Water Resources issued the first red alert for flood in Shijiu Lake at 1:00 pm on July 15, reminding governments and departments at all levels to be well-prepared for the flood risks. Transportation authorities will also improve shipping administration and the public is urged to stay vigilant.

Amid the heavy rainfall and flood in the Yangtze River, the warning was issued following rising water above the alert level at the lake’s Sheshan Gate, observed at noon, as well as a forecast of rainy days.

The province’s Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters worked closely with local authorities in Nanjing City, Gaochun District and Lishui District to coordinate the response. On the night of July 14, the province’s fire control and rescue department sent 230 people, carrying professional equipment, to assist the flood control at Sanbao Village in Gaochun District, such as embankment patrol, water level monitoring and risk management.

Nanjing has also gotten ready different types of materials for the flood emergency response including 8 tons of steel pipe, 153.7 cubic meters of wood and 1,910 tons of rocks. Gaochun District improved the emergency response to Level I on July 14, designated 768 people in 13 teams for specific tasks, and prepared 117 vehicles carrying flood control supplies and another 11 supportive vehicles.

So far, there are no major flood hazards in the Shijiu Lake area.