Suzhou, Nanjing rank top 10 cities of good ecological environment for innovation

Suzhou and Nanjing, both cities in Jiangsu Province, ranked among the top 10 cities with the best ecological environment for innovation, according to a research report released on July 10.

The “100 Chinese Cities: Urban Ecological Environment for Innovation Index” was an outcome of joint efforts of many research institutions to look at key factors affecting a city’s performance in innovation, vitality, and competitiveness. The 100 cities in the report were selected from the China Statistical Yearbook 2019, based on the GDP ranking.

A team of more 300 experts from China’s well-known organizations completed the study in over three years. The research focused on three first-tier innovation indicators, namely players, co-ordination and environment, and consisted of seven perspectives for the rigorous assessment. They finished the report after monitoring and comparing nearly 40 specific indicators including the number of hi-tech enterprises, listed companies, “double first-class” universities and books owned by 10,000 people and the average housing price.