Promising Suzhou venture projects attractive to investment, partners

The 20th edition of the Suzhou Venture Week for International Elites and the celebration of the first Suzhou Scientists Day were held concurrently in the city on the afternoon of July 12.

The events saw the signing of agreement for ten landmark projects which will settle down in Tangqiao Town in Zhangjiagang City, Suzhou Digital Health Industry Park and other locations, such as the R&D and design of high-speed optical communication chips.

During the Suzhou Venture Week for International Elites, deals for 1,581 projects in different categories, such as 149 cooperative innovation undertakings, were reached. In addition, deals for 1,242 projects were made face to face, the rest agreed online.

The live streaming of the Venture Week attracted more than 3.2 million viewers and over 20.89 million participants in various activities and online interactions in just three days. On the opening day, a total of 2,062 innovation and start-up projects were submitted on the Cloud Entrepreneurship platform, part of the city’s all-in-one online hub for high-end talent introduction initiative,  Meanwhile, the city’s 187 S&T platforms reached out to interested projects for 37,000 interactions, a new record.