EU: Netherlands Finance Minister Wopke Hoekstra on…

EU(Nyheter): Netherlands Finance Minister Wopke Hoekstra on Twitter: “NL was and remains
against the idea of Eurobonds, we think this will create more problems than
solutions for the EU. We would have to guarantee debts of other countries which
isn’t reasonable. The majority of the Eurogroup shares this view and does not
support Eurobonds. On the use of the ESM is no compromise yet and therefore the
leaders must decide on this topic. The ESM is a lender of last resort when
countries are in deep financial trouble. In our view the use of this budget has
to come with some form of conditions. Because of the current crisis we have to
make an exception and the ESM can be used unconditionally to cover medical
costs. For the long term economic support we think it’s sensible to combine the
use of the ESM with certain economic conditions. We will continue the
discussions on how to deal with this crisis.”