Pulnovo Medical Appoints Ms. Jessie Lian Jia as New CEO

Pulnovo Medical Limited, a globally recognized OTM innovative platform, recently announced the appointment of Ms. Jessie Lian Jia as Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of the Board.

Ms. Lian has more than 20 years of international leadership experience in product commercialization, strategic business development and capital market operations on a global level. Prior to joining Pulnovo Medical, she worked at Johnson & Johnson, progressing from front-line sales to Director positions across various business units, as well as laterally managed operations and supporting functions. Ms. Lian subsequently moved to Cardinal Health to take on the position of General Manager of China and Vice President of Strategic Marketing for Asia Pacific. After Cordis was independently spun off, she served as their President of China and Asia Pacific.

While at Cordis, leveraging Ms. Lian’s in-depth understanding of the Chinese and Asia Pacific medical devices market, she played a key role in the marketing and commercialization of the world’s first drug-eluting stent in China. In addition, Ms. Lian spearheaded Cordis’s business transformation to achieve significant business breakthroughs and commercial results, fully demonstrating her strong business acumen and wealth of management experience. She also pioneered best-in-class models for domestic and international distribution cooperation with Chinese companies. Her many efforts enabled Cordis to successfully and timely deploy its resources in the global capital market and strengthen its leadership position across multiple dimensions. Ms. Lian has a Bachelor of Science (Biology) degree from Peking University, and an EMBA degree from China Europe(Nyheter) International Business School.

Cynthia Chen, Chairman of the Board, said, “The complexity of the international medical devices industry provides new possibilities for promoting effective therapeutic options that meet patients’ needs. This dovetails with Pulnovo Medical’s clinically driven innovation mission, utilizing its deep technical exploration capabilities, to address disease pain points and truly realize the value return of the OTM (From Operating Table to Market) innovative platform. Ms. Lian is a profoundly experienced leader in business, operations, strategic development and many other aspects, and we are impressed with her many achievements. We are very pleased to have her join us and look forward to her leadership of our OTM platform. Pulnovo Medical is going through an important period of development and expansion, and we have full confidence that Ms. Lian will lead the company towards realizing our ambitions as well as developing new therapeutic opportunities with higher quality, speed and efficiency as well as with state-of-the-art innovation capabilities.”

Ms. Lian said, “With the gradual implementation of China’s 14th Five-Year Plan for the development of the pharmaceutical industry, industrial innovation and advanced manufacturing have gradually become more important to the entire industry chain, and with many innovative industries having spawned rapid changes in the industry, we can expect major opportunities in the medical field. Against such context, Pulnovo Medical, with its decade-long experience in therapeutic development and business expansion in the sectors that it is engaged in, will be able to continue its innovation and respond to the ever-changing industry landscape more promptly and quickly. Pulnovo Medical has thus far quickly established itself within the global medical devices industry with its innovation in China, but this is just the beginning. I look forward to helping Pulnovo Medical achieve further success for the OTM platform, supported by the company’s strong foundation in the industry.”

Source: Pulnovo Medical