• Zylar® 261 selected for high clarity, high gloss surface quality and excellent ESCR performance (Environmental Stress Crack Resistance) against alcohol basis sanitiser and cleaning detergent
  • Zylar 261 possesses excellent processability and lower energy consumption allowing for better manufacturing efficiencies
  • First successful commercialization of Zylar 261 by a Chinese household and electronics manufacturer in China

INEOS Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, announced today that its Zylar® 261 has been selected by Hisense, an established Chinese state-owned multinational manufacturer of household appliances and electronics in ChinaZylar® 261 will be the material of choice replacing MABS (methylmethacrylate acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) in Hisense’s new range of washing machines.

Zylar 261 is able to meet a wide range of demanding requirements, including mechanical properties, heat and chemical resistance. Featuring higher clarity, high gloss surface quality and excellent ESCR performance against alcohol-based sanitisers and cleaning detergents, it is a material of choice for household applications.

Zylar 261 is also more than an alternative for MABS. With a five percent lower density advantage over MABS, lower energy consumption and an increase in productivity due to the material’s excellent processability, it allows Hisense to realise more manufacturing advantages including part weight reduction. Hisense is also the first Chinese household and electronics manufacturer in China to successfully commercialize this grade.

Ms. ZhiYun Zhou, Chief Design Engineer, Hisense Group, says, “As a leading consumer electronics and home appliances manufacturer, our company tries to stay at the forefront of innovation. The performance of Zylar 261 fits exactly our requirements and enables us to realise more manufacturing advantages. We also appreciate INEOS Styrolution’s outstanding reputation, excellent customer service and consistent product quality meet the design requirements for our premium household appliances range.”

“We are very pleased that Hisense had chosen Zylar 261 as the solution for their new range of washing machines,” says Paulo Motta, Vice President, Specialties Business Management, Asia Pacific, INEOS Styrolution. “We are fully committed to continue providing Hisense with the best material solutions in the future and fulfilling its ambitions in the household and electronics industry.”

INEOS Styrolution’s innovative range of Zylar products are characterised by water clear transparency, high flowability, good chemical resistance and customisable toughness and is suitable for use in applications across various industries including healthcare, household, toys/sports/leisure and packaging.

Source: INEOS Styrolution APAC