MediTrust Health invited three women who are fighting with diseases to share their views for March 8th Women’s Day

As the Women’s Day is approaching, MediTrust Health invited three women who are fighting with diseases to share their views on one question – why do we need to live a sparkling life. We hope their answers will inspire and encourage those who are struggling with severe diseases, and give them more courage to live and shine.

Na Jie, a social media influencer, is a cycling fan. In countless sunny afternoons, she rides her bike in a race against the setting sun. In fact, she is a cancer patient. As a member of the Care2Pay program, she has not been struck down by the disease. With the help of MediTrust Health, she has been living a sparking life. “No matter it is for myself, or for others, I need to live every day with happiness and joy,” Na Jie said confidently.

Whenever she is alone, Xiao Qian likes to take out her medal and wipe it over and over again. As a female from the grassland, Xiao Qian, like many boys, has cherished the dream since childhood. People say Xiao Qian is just day-dreaming, but she’s not bothered. Though suffering from multiple sclerosis, Xiao Qian still dreams about returning to the vast grassland at night. We believe as a beneficiary of the innovative payment program of MediTrust Health, Xiao Qian will enjoy a better tomorrow. “As long as we have dreams, tomorrow will be better.”

“Getting sick is not the end of the world, and life goes on.” Na Na is a brave and strong child, and a beneficiary of the MediTrust Health Innovative Payment Program. Multiple sclerosis did not take away the bright smile on Na Na’s face. “I think I have a lot of shining points in my character, like independent thinking, self-confidence, being logical and sensible”. Both before and after contracting the disease, Na Na has always maintained that people need to live a sparkling life. As to why, Na Na jokingly said, “Why live a sparkling life? You’ll know when you have it!”

The three characters in our story, Na Jie, Xiao Qian and Na Na, all live a different life. But one thing is undeniable: despite the challenge of the disease, we can still see the same thing in them – The passionate love of life. It is a love that not only lights up their own life, but also warms others that are in the same fight against the disease.

MediTrust Health will make unremitting efforts to reduce the burden of medical expenses for all patients, and provide them with more comprehensive, more affordable and better-quality medical and health services. We will give our support to every individual struggling with disease, and help them re-embrace their love for life and continue to live and shine.

Women today have diverse social roles and life goals. They all live a different life, chasing their own dreams and fulfilling their own values. Whether playing the role of a daughter, lover, wife or mother, or working as a teacher, doctor, driver or employee, they are all embracing love and living a sparkling life.

There are many extraordinary women in the patients served by MediTrust Health. In the face of major diseases, they exude a unique light. Their love for life, and their pursuit of dreams and ideals have touched our heart, and moved the world around them.

Source: MediTrust Health