42 Chinese Companies Named HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2021

42 Chinese companies have been named HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia, owned by Business Media International, for their effective and successful employee engagement strategies to continuously motivate and communicate with their employees.

11,955 employees from 278 Chinese companies took part in the HR Asia employee engagement survey via the TEAM platform. A new proprietary platform specifically built which measures employee engagement in real time. Each survey respondent completes the survey anonymously and the results are confidential as the employers only receives the survey average score of each question.

93% of the survey participants stated that their organization has implemented policies to encourage and promote employee growth by gaining additional skills and certification; and 91% are willing to assist their colleagues who requires assistance in solving problems or even improve work processes.

The result from the survey also concludes that 89% of the survey respondents are happy that they have flexible working arrangements because of the movement restrictions caused by the global health crisis.

The survey showed that 75% addressed their concerns about the lack of time to complete their tasks. This is evident as working from home has caused productivity and efficiency to slow down as the global health crisis continues.

Avery Dennison China, Kimberley-Clark, KPMG China, Lee Kum Kee Trading, LKK Health Products Group, Mundipharma Pharmaceutical, Tianjin Hang Lung Properties, and Wuxi Hang Lung Properties are crowned winner for five consecutive years. These winners will be awarded a gold ‘Harmonia’ statuette symbolizing excellence and continuous effort for putting employees first.

The WeCare awards is also given out to Dalian Hang Lung Properties, Eisai China, Lee Kum Kee Trading, Mundipharma Pharmaceutical and Tianjin Hang Lung Properties. These winners selected due to their exemplary scores from the TEAM survey assessment.

“The pandemic has placed extraordinary demands on business leaders and beyond. For some companies, a near term survival plan may seem to be the only agenda for recovery but by investing in employee engagement, employees will feel supported in their jobs and in return will contribute to the overall business operations and post recovery growth,” said William Ng, group publisher and editor-in-chief of Business Media International, the publisher of HR Asia.

“It’s such an honour for our management team and colleagues to be recognized. It’s been a fast-changing and challenging environment over the past year. We have been trying our best to provide a digitalized, efficient, and agile working environment, to support our colleagues to achieve a better work life balance and be more adaptive for future career development. We believe employees in Avery Dennison are always company’s greatest treasure. We will continuously strive to move forward and drive sustainable excellence,” said Ally Feng, VP & general manager, Greater China RBIS, Avery Dennison China, fifth consecutive year recipient of the award.

“This prestigious award affirms Borouge’s commitment towards prioritising the overall well-being and growth of our employees. Tested by the prolonged challenges that the pandemic has brought to workplaces globally, we have made an important decision as an organisation to put our people first and to adapt our practices to a ‘new way of working’, which resulted in giving rise to a highly engaged workforce and which has in turn contributed to the company’s accelerated growth ambitions,” said Julie Wang, head of human resources and administration, Region Asia North of Borouge, second consecutive year recipient of the award.

“Inspired Careers by Design. Everyone at Tapestry is part of our global house of brands. Every contribution makes an impression that is part of something growing, beautiful and unique,” said Janet Zhong, vice president, head of human resources of Coach & Tapestry Asia, Coach & Tapestry, third consecutive year recipient of the award.

“Talent is the core competitiveness of enterprises. We will insist on the value of ‘integrity, sustainability, excellence, openness’ and remember the motto ‘we do it well’, create more values for our customers and employees,” said Sean Ang, general manager of Dalian Hang Lung Properties, third consecutive year recipient of the award.

“Recognizing Solis for its commitment to providing valuable employment opportunities to its employees and for delivering employee engagement and satisfaction. Solis is also looking forward to discovering more talent to explore the infinite possibilities of smart solar creating a green, beautiful, and zero-carbon future,” said Lizzy Wu, marketing manager of Ginlong Technologies, first time recipient of the award.

“This is a true testimony of all our efforts to establish a diverse and inclusive work environment and enable our employees to fulfil their potential. This award has truly put us in the top list of preferred employers for the large and capable talent markets in China and the rest of Asia Pacific. We will transform this honour to our momentum for making HSBC China a better employer,” said Peter Chang, head of human resources, HSBC Bank (China) Company Limited, two-time recipient of the award.

“We thank every employee who has contributed to JinkoSolar, and we will continue to provide employees with a suitable working place, cultivate and develop talents at different levels within the organization, and organize various activities to enrich employees’ spare time. Strengthen corporate cohesion, ensure that our employees maintain a balance between work and healthy life, continue to achieve the growth of corporate value, and social responsibility,” said Jennifer Zhong, human resources of JinkoSolar Holding, third consecutive year recipient of the award.

“On behalf of Kantar China, I am very proud and humbled to receive this award and big congratulations to everyone at Kantar China for this special recognition. The credit goes to all out people at Kantar China and for their team spirit and resilience, for trusting and supporting each other, for staying focused on impacting our clients and driving growth and development of our own people,” said Chirantan Ray, managing director of Brand and Creative Practice, Kantar Insights China, first time recipient of the award.

“This past year, we have faced both challenges in rapid market change and epidemic uncertainties. The recognition of ‘Best Companies to Work for in Asia’ from HR Asia reflects our continued efforts on solving different situations. This award is such an honour to our team’s hard work and motivation for us to keep striving for better,” said Charlie Li, head of human resources, KPMG China, fifth consecutive year recipient of the award.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has been tough on companies globally, but despite the many challenges, Lee Kum Kee continues to support communities and our employees worldwide, and deliver an exceptional work experience by bringing in innovative initiatives,” said Derek Wu, Executive Vice President, Global Human Resources of Lee Kum Kee (China) Trading Limited, fifth consecutive year recipient of the award.

“Receiving this award means that our company’s corporate culture concept has been unanimously recognised, and at the same time it encourages us to continue to adhere to the core corporate values of ‘Thinking of Benefits and People’ and building an excellent employer brand,” said Louie Kwan, human resources, and administration director of Lee Kum Kee (Xin Hui) Food, fourth consecutive year recipient of the award.

“Our focus is building a people-first culture. This achievement would not have happened without the effort and contribution of every single one of our people. We are committed to continue run talent goal what is well-being and grow together with each of our people,” said Gavin Xu, human resources general manager of LF Logistics, three-time recipient of the award.

“We devoted our time to develop our employees’ capability, promoting core values to daily work, create an open community and an engaging culture. We realize that every employee is different and should be prepared for the more digital savvy younger generation. We will continue to enhance our HR agility in response to business transformation,” said Hark Sun, human resources director of Mundipharma (China) Pharmaceutical, fifth consecutive year recipient of the award.

“Since 2019, HR Asia Best Employer has been one of the most important annual test criteria for Employee satisfaction and engagement in Olam China. We are especially happy and proud to have this important honour for three consecutive years. Thanks to each member of the team for their efforts and contribution. In 2022, we are full of hope and continue to make efforts to create excellent result,” said Ben Tong, vice president of human resources and legal, Olam China, third consecutive year recipient of the award.

“It will encourage us to continue to adhere to the ‘people-oriented’ management concept, take the development of employee relations as the core of our work, constantly optimize the human resources management system, and achieve win-win growth between enterprises and employees,” said Eric Lau, general manager of Shandong Hang Lung Properties, fourth consecutive year recipient of the award.

“Receiving this award means that the company must continue to pay attention to the well-being of employees. Employee satisfaction is the cornerstone of the company’s business. Caring for the physical and mental health of employees and encourage employees to have greater development while maintaining a work-life balance,” said Janice Cheung, general manager of Shanghai Hang Bond Property Development, fourth consecutive year recipient of the award.

“We will continue to implement the business principle of ‘we do it well’. To be a socially responsible company, we care about our employees, and we care about our society. We believe this is fundamental to our success and helps us win the trust of the public,” said Vera Wu, deputy director, mainland business operation of Shanghai Konghui Property Development, third consecutive year recipient of the award.

“We hope to work with our employees, partners and customers in the spirit of ‘Together We Grow’, to always commit to the health industry, and set the sails,” said Rosy Wu, general manager of Synthasia Healthcare Limited, first-time recipient of the award.

“This award has a tremendous meaning to us, as it is the result of everyone’s trust, effort, and cooperation as we work together towards a common vision. We will continually care for our employee’s aspiration, career, and development by working in partnership with them,” said Arthur Wong, deputy general manager of Tianjin Hang Lung Properties, fifth consecutive year recipient of the award.

“Vertiv is committed to providing various customers with integrated solutions. We will continue to create an excellent corporate cultural, continue to maintain high-performance organizational and personnel capabilities, and make our active efforts and contributions to the sustainable development. We will strive to satisfy customers, employees, and investors,” said Vincent Zhang, vice president of Vertiv Tech, first-time recipient of the award.

“Encouraging and supporting our employees to develop continuously by sustaining learning is our consistent core strategy. Simultaneously, on-going investment in the advanced technologies such as AI, showing our ambitions to achieve reinventing the industry. This is also the first award for TK Elevator which tell us all cling to our original aspiration and forge ahead steely,” said Dr. Frank Chen, chief human resources officer of TK Elevator China, third consecutive year recipient of the award.

“This award is testament to our team’s commitment to make Wellington College China a fantastic place to work. We are proud to have built a vibrant community where pupils and staff alike strive to achieve excellence and well-roundedness in everything they do. We will continue to stride forward and make it a better place for everyone,” said Joy Qiao, founder and chairman of Wellington College China, second consecutive year recipient of the award.

“Professionalism and concentration bring mutual benefit and win-win cooperation. We shall continue to ’We Do It Well’ and learn and grow along with our employees. Best employer comes with responsibility and commitment. We will keep up the momentum and strive for further success,” said Nicholas Poon, deputy general manager of Wuxi Hang Lung Properties, fifth consecutive year winner.

“We are grateful to have an amazing team that consistently makes us one of the best in the region. Our heartfelt appreciation to all our colleagues, in China and worldwide. ‘People’ continues to be at the very core of our company culture. We believe, when our colleagues find happiness at work, the outcome will be amazing,” said Marc Chan, RingCentral vice president and general manager of China, third consecutive recipient of the award.

The HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia Awards recognises companies that have shown world-class employee engagement and workplace excellence, while displaying demonstrable empathy and care for their employees.

The award covers twelve markets across the region including mainland China, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam making this the largest recognition programme and survey in the region for employee engagement.


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Lee Kum Kee (China) Trading Limited
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Nu Skin (China) Daily-Use & Health Product Co., Ltd.
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Rotam CropSciences
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Shandong Hang Lung Properties Limited
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Shanghai Meditrust Health Co., Ltd.
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Source: Business Media International