Fosun RZ Capital Leverages industry resources to help innovative start-ups succeed in global markets

Recent news, Fosun RZ announced it has independently raised 2 billion to set up a new RMB Fund (in equivalent to 300M+ US Dollar) to make early stage investment in technology innovation and new consumer brands, and in which they are paying extra attention to cross-broader e-commerce platform and ERP solution providers in India and South-east Asia.

On the top of that, Fosun RZ Capital is raising another US dollar fund to provide a multi-stage support for innovative start-ups worldwide. To explore more under-water opportunities and enlarge its global influence, it also plans to open new offices and bring in more local talents in United Kingdom and Singapore in 2022.

Established in 2013, Fosun RZ Capital is now a global leading industry investment institution backed by Fosun—a global innovation-driven consumer group. It is designated to leverage Fosun’s international resources to help innovation-driven start-ups make a soft landing then expand their business in overseas market, especially in Asia. Up till now, Fosun RZ Capital already had several offices in China, the United States, India and Israel covering investment opportunities in emerging markets around the globe.

As a ‘Glocal’ philosophy practitioner, Fosun RZ capital has its say in cross-market learning and rich experience in incubating unicorns. In India, Fosun RZ capital kicked off in 2016 and since then invested in Makemytrip(MMYT), Delhivery, ixigo, Dot, Kissht, Let’s transport, Trell and others. Except the Nasdaq listed company Makemytrip(MMYT), it is considered a phenomenal track record that 2 other companies mentioned above (Ixigo and Delhivery) are now at Unicorn++ valuations and plan to be listed in Indian stock exchange. In the United States, it has discovered potentials in the food technology gaint GrubMarket, digital automotive radar leader Uhnder and the pioneer in virtual claims solutions provider—Snapsheet since 2014. In Israel, one of its portfolio company—Splitty is now going to file for IPO which was scheduled in the upcoming year.

With its in-depth connection to Fosun’s 100+ member companies from healthcare, consumer brands, financing service to smart manufacturing industries, Fosun RZ capital empowers its portfolio companies to seek for strategic synergy within the whole Fosun’s business ‘ecosystem’. In Israel, the firm invested in Similari, Nucleai and Craft last year and each of these start-ups has been deeply benefited because of the Fosun ecosystem’s resources that was introduced by Fosun RZ Capital. And it also helps companies with a global ambition to explore its opportunity overseas. For example, it’s now working close with Chinese municipal governments and local industrial parks to attract innovative Israeli companies to start their own business in China with the help of mature exchange programs. Last year, one of its portfolio company IRP Systems has already initiated a cooperative program with Chinese electric vehicle giant Niu Techlogies(Nasdaq: NIU) in Changzhou, China with the help of its local team.

Source: Fosun RZ Capital