CHINT Cambodia Factory is Now Open, Assisting in the Southeast Asia’s Green Energy Development

SchneiTex x CHINT officially opened their Cambodia joint venture factory on February 28th local time. The factory will accomplish the localization of CHINT products, from manufacturing to delivery. It will also further improve the layout of CHINT’s global supply chain while expanding production capacity, which will help drive the development of the local power industry.

SchneiTec x CHINT’s joint venture factory is the first medium-voltage comprehensive power equipment manufacturing company in Cambodia’s Pursat Province. The joint venture factory campus occupies 20,000 square meters, and has a total investment of 2.5 million USD. The factory was proposed in August 2020, and construction began in November of that year. It only took less than a year to begin operations, once again demonstrating CHINT’s speed. The factory has already officially begun operations, primarily manufacturing 22kV distribution transformers, switchgears, smart ring network switchgears, capacitor banks and other electric products.

CHINT has consistently promoted a strategy of “international localization,” CHINT Group’s director, Nan Cunhui, has said that CHINT has always adhered to practicing in-depth green and open development, thus making a positive contribution to the community.

Transferring manufacturing and other functionality to overseas markets is an important measure in accelerating CHINT’s localization layout. CHINT Electric’s director and executive president and CHINT Global’s president, Lily Zhang, said, “We will fully support development of the Cambodian factory, and empower the Southeast Asian power industry by focusing on four major areas: manufacturing and assembly, core components, supply chains and digital management.”

As a global base for CHINT’s smart manufacturing, the Cambodia factory relies on CHINT Group’s strong resource background and technological advantages, and is jointly committed to promoting the construction of modern local power systems, along with its joint venture partner, SchneiTec. Since its establishment, the Cambodia factory has focused on the current uneven local development of electricity, customizing small off-grid household photovoltaic systems for rural areas that lack electricity, providing electricity support and promoting the development of green power.

SchneiTec was founded in 2015 and has been engaging very fruitfully in many projects on power & energy development. It is now the first ranking in suppling renewable energy solution and as well a leading solar farm company who builds the first solar farm and the largest solar farm in Cambodia.

Source: CHINT