Infinitus opens its first healthy drinks concept store in Guangzhou

Infinitus recently launched its first healthy drinks concept store at Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza in Guangzhou. The store provides shoppers a fast, convenient way to buy Infinitus’ health products and serves as a new outlet that connects with and serves consumers.

The concept store is a first for Infinitus in the experience space

The health-oriented concept store sells more than ten kinds of tea drinks, all of which were created based on Infinitus’ many years of experience in the manufacture of health products.

Most notably, the store’s flagship product, Health-Enhancing Milk Tea, looks very much like a popular caramel-favored milk tea, yet comes with mushroom powder and crisp toppings that boost the immune system and, at the same time, enhance the taste through the addition of rich aromas. Other popular healthy drinks available at the store include the full-flavored Yam Nourishing Milk Tea and the refreshing Balsam Pear Slim Tea.

The store’s health-oriented approach is complemented by its Chinese-style interiors that highlight an eye-catching wall featuring an entertaining interplay between a depiction of traditional Chinese medicine cabinets and a large three-dimensional milk tea cup. The store’s blend of the traditional and the modern in its design serves to convey the benefits of a wellness culture.

With competitive differentiation, the concept store delivers a unique experience to shoppers

Over the past few years, China’s health sector has witnessed a mindset shift towards a healthier lifestyle, further boosting the growth of the sector. Infinitus has built a comprehensive health and wellness solution that combines products with services, a combination that is one of the three competitive advantages differentiating the firm from its competitors. The establishment of the concept store reflects the company’s innovative approach to entering a new market.

Despite the boom in online shopping, Infinitus never stopped opening physical outlets in order to always maintain close and personal contact with the consumers who buy their products. To date, the company has set up a global experience center as well as 30 service/experience centers and nearly 7,000 specialty/experience stores across China, and is continuing to upgrade these facilities based on the evolving expectations of shoppers. Unlike the one-stop experience centers and shops that integrate modern and traditional design elements as well as the culture and concept of wellness, the healthy drinks concept store demonstrates the firm’s commitment to further understanding and adapting to the experience-based consumption patterns that are closely related to people’s daily lives.

According to available data, the number of consumers of new-style tea drinks across China is anticipated to grow to 365 million in 2021. With entertaining, social and immersive experiences becoming the core elements of popular offline consumption scenarios, meeting up with friends in a venue that serves refreshing milk tea has become a preferred choice for young consumers. At the same time, the COVID-19 pandemic has raised public awareness about health, leading to healthy drinks gaining increasing popularity. Given these factors, Infinitus’ healthy drinks concept store more than meets the expectations of young consumers by serving healthy tea drinks that reflect the firm’s wellness culture and help to strengthen the connections between the brand and the younger generation.

The newly opened concept store is a model outlet reflecting Infinitus’ new market plan that is in the process of being expanded to many other Chinese cities. The plan is the result of the firm’s study of new offline consumption patterns which was undertaken by leveraging its extensive experience in building an offline experience store network.

Source: Infinitus (China) Company Ltd.