ImmVira’s breakthrough intravenous oncolytic virus product MVR-T3011 IV completed first dosing in Phase I clinical trial in China

Following its robust safety data in the U.S. Phase I clinical study, ImmVira announced that its global first intravenous administered oncolytic herpes simplex virus (“oHSV”) product MVR-T3011 IV has completed first dosing on March 1, 2022 and initiated Phase I clinical trial in a series of well-known domestic clinical study centers in China.

“Preliminary data from MVR-T3011 IV U.S. Phase I clinical study has demonstrated robust safety results. We have full confidence in its clinical application. With the completion of first dosing in China, we will rapidly advance the clinical development progress for MVR-T3011 IV in both the U.S. and China simultaneously. Leveraging its proprietary OvPENS platform which supports the development of next-generation oncolytic virotherapy, ImmVira will continue to create groundbreaking cancer treatment paradigms that reignites hope for cancer patients around the world.” ImmVira’s Chairwoman and CEO Dr. Grace Zhou said.

MVR-T3011 IV is ImmVira’s proprietary 3-in-1 oHSV with novel virus backbone modification strategy, allowing the great breakthrough in intravenous administration. Intravenous injection (“IV”) is an important approach for oncolytic virus to treat metastatic tumors. By overcoming the clinical application limitations of local injection, intravenous injection can provide a consistent local and systemic oncolytic virotherapy for patients and increase the flexibility of oncolytic virus in combination with other drugs. Leveraging the OvPENS new drug R&D platform, ImmVira, as a leader in oncolytic virus development industry, will continue to expand its pipelines, actively explore monotherapy and combination therapies of MVR-T3011 IV and broaden the administration methods of oncolytic virus, providing new treatment opportunities for patients with late-stage cancers.

Source: ImmVira