Extensive Global Cross-Media Journalism Campaign “Ningbo, Setting Sail to Embrace the World” Launched in Ningbo, China

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On the morning of March 2, 2022 (Beijing time), “Ningbo, Setting Sail to Embrace the World”, a large-scale cross-media journalism campaign co-organized by NBGD, was officially launched. Fifteen renowned coastal cities and cities with profound histories and cultures, linked by their deep ties with the ocean, will be featured in panoramic interviews and cross-media reporting for global impact. The coverage will be relayed by more than 1,000 media organizations globally, reaching hundreds of millions of viewers. The campaign is a worldwide media reporting of Ningbo’s development aspirations and a global assertion of Ningbo’s competitiveness.

Ningbo’s goal of transforming into a modern coastal metropolis has been endorsed by all sectors of society and attracted much attention from the city’s global circle of friends. Peter Thomson, the UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for the Ocean, stated in a video speech that cities are critical to preserving the well-being of the ocean, must participate in the renewable energy revolution, and live in peace with nature. He hopes that Ningbo would serve as an example in this regard and be part of a movement around the world to restore the human-ocean relationship to one of respect and balance. He also expects Ningbo Zhoushan Port to be a pioneer in the decarbonization of shipping.

The opening ceremony of “Ningbo, Setting Sail to Embrace the World”, held simultaneously in the city center’s Sanjiangkou, at the Yuyao Hemudu Neolithic Site, and the Ningbo Zhoushan Port, was streamed live globally on numerous platforms. Sanjiangkou, the main location of the opening ceremony, is at the estuary of China’s Grand Canal and a port of departure of the Maritime Silk Road. 20 km upstream the Yao River from Sanjiangkou are the Hemudu Neolithic Site and Jingtoushan Archaeological Site, the birthplace of China’s 8,000-year-old maritime culture. 40 km downstream the Yong River is the Ningbo Zhoushan Port, the world’s busiest cargo port for the last 13 years and the city’s powerful force of development. The opening ceremony will be followed by events distributed throughout the year, including international visits, high-level interviews, coverage of the Hangzhou Asian Games, coastline scenery filming, and “A Global Lighting of the Ningbo Lantern”.

Source: NBGD