First carbon-neutral ocean technology company Caravelle to list on Nasdaq via SPAC

Caravelle, a global carbon-neutral ocean-going technology company, has signed a letter of intent with Pacifico Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ:PAFO) on December 31, 2021, EST. Caravelle will be expected to be listed on NASDAQ. At the same time, a number of private equity funds participated in PIPE.

Clearly, Caravelle is becoming the first Nasdaq stock on the high seas economic track for carbon neutral oceans.

Caravelle is a global ocean transportation technology company, and its Co-Tech solution (Carbon-neutral Ocean transportation technology) actively utilize huge idle time and space in ocean transportation. The waste heat of the tail gas in the marine shipping is recycled, and the wood drying is completed during the marine transportation, and the net zero emission of the value chain is completely realized, the reducing carbon form a large amount of carbon sinks that can be traded. It is estimated that by 2024 and 2028, the cumulative carbon dioxide emissions saved will reach 5.2 million tons and 57 million tons respectively, and realize the symbiosis of economic effect and social value.

Caravelle owns world’s leading resource on the supply side, it has strategic cooperation with world-class leading enterprises in the industry to fully guarantee the closed loop of the industrial chain. Caravelle currently operates routes to Indonesia and Africa, and has complete the DNV technical certification in Q1 of 2022. It marks that the technical patent system and innovation of Caravelle layout have obtained the most authoritative certification in the world. The business has a strong moat and is about to enter a period of large-scale outbreak.

Caravlle’s core management team has a diverse industry, capital, operation and technical background. The founder and CEO, Mr. Zhang Guohua, has more than 20 years of experience in the entire industry chain of the wood industry. He participated in the Paris Agreement meeting and has unique insights into the carbon neutral development of the wood industry. Chief Strategy Officer Mr. Wang Sai has a rich background in strategy consulting and has served many Fortune 500 companies and emerging companies. Ms. Lisa, Chief Operating Officer, has more than ten years of experience in corporate operations and strategic management. Mr. Zhang Dong, Chief Shipping Officer and CEO of Deyuan Shipping Company, has extensive experience in route operation and ocean shipping service management. Tracy Xia, CMO & CHO has worked for global consulting firms Marsh & McLennan (MMC) and Willis Towers Watson (WTW), has more than ten years experience in organization and talent management consulting, and was the co-founder of the Internet platform Ktalks. Javier, senior vice president of Saint-Gobain Group and global director of Saint-Gobain, has been appointed as an independent director of Caravelle.

Pacifico Acquisition Corp. completed its US$50 million IPO on September 13, 2021, EST and exercised a 15% over-allotment right.

Source: Caravelle