New-energy vehicle industry enters new development stage

China’s new-energy vehicle industry has entered a new stage of accelerated development with continuous improvement of the industrial chain, said the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

The production and sales of China’s new energy vehicles each surged 160 percent year on year to exceed 3.5 million units last year, showed the data released by the ministry Thursday.

The improvement of the supporting infrastructure further broadened the market for new energy vehicles.

By the end of 2021, China had built 75,000 charging stations, 2.62 million charging piles, and 1,298 battery swapping stations.

Some 173 enterprises set up 10,127 recycling service outlets nationwide by the end of last year, constituting an initial battery recycling and utilization system.

The impact of chip shortages eased in 2021 with joint efforts from governments at all levels and automobile and chip enterprises, said Luo Junjie, an official with the ministry.

As the global integrated-circuit supply chain still faces severe challenges, the ministry will continue to step up efforts to guarantee the supply of automobile chips and promote the supply capacity of the whole-chip industrial chain, said Luo.