Weihai holds the 4th annual meeting of the mayor’s international economic advisory council

On May 29, the international economic advisory council of Weihai, operating under the aegis of the city’s mayor, held its fourth annual meeting, according to a report published on the website of the State Internet Information Office of the People’s Republic of China. In a series of meetings that took place both online and in person, the 19 members of the advisory council presented their recommendations on how to understand and take advantage of the trends in both the domestic and global economies in order to best execute on transforming Weihai into an international city, and, once such transformation is achieved, on how to best continue staying relevant in international markets as economic trends evolve”.

Mr. Zhang, the Municipal Committee secretary, explained that, during the course of the first three annual meetings, the members of the advisory council had put together a list of some 400 proposals outlining the steps that Weihai should take to become an international city, as well as how to plan the next phases of real estate development and what strategies to adopt to assure quality growth as the city looks to the future. The proposals have been well received by the various stakeholders, who have all said that they constitute very much the best advice the city has received in terms of its future economic and social development.

Mayor Yan said in his keynote speech that Weihai is striving to improve the technical prowess and core competitiveness of its industrial chain while continuing to promote innovation, bring together the best when it comes to available resources, and inspire the companies that have set up shop in the city to give full play to their role as forward-thinking, innovative entrepreneurs. He further added that the city must continue to expand policies that further open up the economy, while leveraging advantages in terms of its location and in being a seaport, in addition to promoting international cooperation across all sectors.

Mr. Simonnet said in his speech that in the past year, Weihai had overcome multiple challenges brought about by the epidemic, through steps that the city had taken to support the rapid recovery of the local industry, attract foreign investment, promote the comprehensive integration of the surrounding region as well as achieve positive results in the realm of economic and social development. All members of the council affirmed and expressed their appreciation of city’s success in carrying out these actions.

The 19 members, who, collectively, originate from 10 countries and regions, combined the research that they undertook and the expertise that they each have in their respective industries to deliver informative speeches on intelligent manufacturing, healthcare, marine fisheries, trade and investment, urban planning and energy, as well as on other topics, to help Weihai achieve its transformation into a truly international metropolis.

Source: CRI Online