2021SWC Entrepreneurship World Cup Asia Qualifier Chengdu Sub-Contest was successfully held in Jingrong Town

On May 18, the 2021SWC Entrepreneurship World Cup Asia Qualifier Chengdu Sub-Contest was successfully held in Jingrong Town, Pidu District, Chengdu. This event was hosted by Fenox Venture Capital Accelerator, Pegasus Tech Ventures, Invest Hong Kong, Horsent Incubator, Garage coffee incubator, and Next Startup Space. The selected winners will participate in the 2021 Entrepreneurship World Cup Asian finals, and the winning teams from the Asian finals will advance to the global finals in San Francisco. They will compete with 60+ regional champions in the world’s largest global entrepreneurship event, and be able to make connections with world-class startups, venture capital firms, and decision-makers at world-famous companies, while the global champion will receive a million-dollar investment bonus.

The reporter learned that the companies participating this time are startups from the world’s emerging economies, including: Universal Language Learning, VivaXIAN, Rythminno, Domeow (Chengdu) network technology, Sichuan Tuotuodi technology, intelligent cleaning and disinfection robots for central air-conditioning ducts, and many more.

After a brilliant project road show, the competition finally selected multiple winners:

2021SWC Asia Finalist Award—- Domeow (Chengdu) network technology

2021SWC Southwest District Most Innovative Award—–Metro Tunnel Segment Steel Ring Welding Robot Workstation

2021SWC Southwestern District Most Investment Value Award—– Sichuan Tuotuodi technology

2021SWC Most Potential Award—–Intelligent Cleaning and Disinfection Robot for Central Air-Conditioning Ducts

The organizer of the event stated that Jingrong Town, Pidu District has many resources for startup enterprises. By importing international resources, optimizing the local project promotion mechanism, publicizing and assisting the dual innovation policy and putting resources into the development of Jingrong Town, Pidu District is setting the foundations for long-term innovation success. A world-class ecological platform for the growth of domestic and foreign high-tech enterprises, Pidu is attracting more and more outstanding entrepreneurial and innovative enterprises.

Source: Pegasus Tech Ventures