arpara VR 5K Headset and All-In-One Headset Announced Globally

Today during VR company arpara’s VR headset global reveal event “Discover Yourself in a Parallel Universe”, the latest generation arpara VR headset and arpara all-in-one VR headset are announced along with arparaland virtual social platform.

The arpara VR headset and the arpara all-in-one VR headset both have dual 1.03-inch 2560 x 2560 resolution micro-OLED displays, offering a combined 5K x 2.5K viewing resolution. They are the first ever VR headsets to offer super high PPI, wide FOV, and low latency capabilities in compact bodies. In contrast to LCD and AMOLED, the micro-OLED display has a jaw-dropping 3514 PPI which translates to 5 to 6 times more visual details, a high aperture ratio that removes the screen door effect, and 1μs response time to greatly reduce the overall system latency. The two headsets are capable of producing massively immersive VR experience like never before.

The arpara VR headset weights 200g, 1/3 of a typical VR headset, has 95° FOV and 120Hz refresh rate. It can be connected to phones, computers, and game consoles. Together with a 6DoF position tracking kit completes a PC VR gaming setup.

The arpara all-in-one VR headset weights 380g, has inside-out 6DoF head and hand tracking, runs on Qualcomm XR2 platform that is capable of driving 6 concurrent cameras, 11 times AI processing power, supports 8K video. Other specs include a 4600mA high-capacity battery, 95° FOV, 90Hz refresh rate, and support wired and wireless streaming to play Steam VR.

arparaland, developed by the arpara team, is a virtual social platform where users can shape the virtual world, create virtual items, customize virtual avatars, engage in recreation and business activities. Ownership of digital assets in arparaland is recorded on regulated blockchains and stored digitally forever. Digital assets can be minted as NFTs for auctions. The platform is expected to go live in August 2021.

The arpara VR headset costs 599 USD and is open to pre-order now at Shipping is expected to begin in August. The arpara all-in-one VR headset will be available afterwards.

Source: arpara