Port of Piraeus shows strong resilience in the epidemic

The Port of Piraeus is a demonstration project for China and Greece to jointly build the “Belt and Road” and a model of mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation between the two countries. During the epidemic period, the Port Authority of Belgium, which is jointly operated by China and Greece, worked hard to ensure the normal operation of the port while preventing and controlling the epidemic. Not only does Bigang use its professional operation and management experience to help itself and its local cooperative enterprises overcome difficulties, but it also provides strong support for local governments and communities to fight the epidemic, and actively fulfills corporate social responsibilities. Recently, the main Greek media “Daily” stated that Piraeus has demonstrated strong resilience with its good performance under the epidemic.

The “Daily” article stated that although the new crown pneumonia epidemic and the restrictive prevention and control measures adopted by governments have adversely affected world trade, the decline in container throughput at the Piraeus Port terminal in 2020 is only 3.75%, which is good at the level of northern Europe(Nyheter) and other parts of the Mediterranean.

At the same time, the container throughput of Spain and some major ports in northern Europe has been affected by the epidemic. Many large shipping companies in Northern Europe have reduced their shipping volume due to the reduction of regular shipping routes connecting Asia, America and the world. Piraeus Port continues to attract customers from large companies and other routes, and therefore gets a larger share of the “small cakes” of European cargo traffic.

The article stated that in the context of the current epidemic, global economic activities are expected to continue to be blocked for at least half a year, but the port of Piraeus has demonstrated “strong resilience” by virtue of its high-quality services and its geographical advantages. As the largest shareholder of the Port Authority of Piraeus, COSCO SHIPPING has continuously enhanced its competitiveness by strengthening maritime route design and freight arrangements, and has won the trust of all large international shipping alliances.

source: Trade